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Terms and Conditions


As there is no contract binding to complete a fixed number of lessons and there will not be any trial lesson.
Termination of the tutor can be done any time and you only need to pay for those lessons which had been conducted by the tutor.
We will collect 50% of the first month fee from you (via bank transfer, ATM or cheque).

For customer requesting for Tutor

Our Tutor Database

Perfect A Tuition Agency Tuition Agency will attempt to be as accurate as possible but Perfect A Tuition Agency does not guarantee that all the description of the tutor is current, accurate, reliable and error-free.

The Availability of Tutors

There is no guarantee that Perfect A Tuition Agency will assign the customer his/her preferred tutor (s) even if the tutor has indicated of his/her schedule for the selected timeslots.

Tuition Rates

The rate listed in PerfectA.com.sg is to be used as a reference for parents/students who are looking for tuition. Actual cost might vary based on the experience and qualification of the tutors.

Place of Tuition

Tuition will be conducted in the residence of the customer. You need to provide a reasonable environment for the tutor to conduct the lessons.

First Lesson

1. Credential of tutor

Tutor had been instructed to bring along their IC and qualifications at the start of the first lesson. Please check the tutor’s IC before allowing the tutor into your premises to start the lesson.
Before starting the first lesson, you are responsible to verify the credential of the tutor and ensure that they are satisfactory.
If you are not satisfied with the performance of the tutor, you can request to change the tutor without additional charges.
You are not bind by any contract or obligation to complete a fixed number of lessons before requesting to change the tutor.
You only pay for those completed lessons prior to the termination.

2. Tuition Rate

The rate for the first month is fixed and the tutors are not allowed to change it.
If the tutor tries to renegotiate the rate during the first month, please inform Perfect A Tuition Agency immediately.
Tutor may try to renegotiate the rate after the first month but you can decline and request to change the tutor.

3. Service Provided

Perfecta A does not guarantee improvement of the grade for the tutee as we believe that the tutee must do his/her part to improve it.

4. Payment

Perfect A Tuition Agency will collect a 50% commission from the tutor for the first month or 50% of the lessons completed within the first month prior to the termination of the service.
Perfect A Tuition Agency will issue you a/an bill/invoice by mail or email after the second lesson for the 50% commission charge.
You will be given 1 week to make payment to us by 1) ATM, 2) bank transfer or 3) cheque.
Tutors had been instructed not to collect the payment on our behalf so please make the payment directly to us.



There is no charge if you wish to sign up as a tutor. Perfect A Tuition Agency reserves the rights to reject any applicant.

Criteria to be a tutor

To qualify to be tutor, you need to be
1. A Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident in Singapore
2. At least 18 years old
3. Minimum academic qualification of ‘O’ Level
4. Good grade in the subject(s) which you wish to teach
Upon completion of the registration as a tutor, Perfect A Tuition Agency will add you in our Email and SMS mailing list.


Perfect A Tuition Agency will either send SMS or contact you directly for assignment.
Upon agreement of the assignment, you need to commit to complete a minimum of 4 weeks of lessons.
The customer and Perfect A Tuition Agency reserves the rights to terminate your service if we deem that you are unfit for the job.


Perfect A will collect 50% of the fee collected in the first month dependent on the frequency of the assignment.
The fee will be collected based of the first 4 weeks of activate lessons and not based on the calendar month.
Perfect A does not allow the tutor to collect the referral fee on our behalf unless it is stated clearly in our assignment to you.
Any failure to pay the referral fee given by the customer to Perfect A will result in the termination of your tutor account and you will be referred upon to the proper authority.

Cancellation or Termination of Assignment

For any cancellation of the assignment, you must give us 48 hours of advance notice. Failure to do so will incur an administrative charge of SGD 50.
If the assignment is terminated by the customer, you will be paid 50% of the service hours which you had rendered.
In the event that the termination was due to your fault as the tutor for

  1. Not punctual
  2. Failure to turn up for lesson
  3. unable to teach
  4. Rude to student/parent

You will need to bear the full 50% commission charge due to Perfect A Tuition Agency.
Removal from Email and SMS service
If you do not wish to continue with Perfect A Tuition Agency, simply email to us with the subject DELETE together with your mobile number and we will remove it within 24 hours.